What are the Roots of Addictive Behaviors?

The link between epigenetic trauma, internalized oppression, and addiction cannot be overemphasized.

Substance-dependent adults often begin as extremely sensitive children, making them more affected by inherited trauma.  In a traditional culture, elders could nurture these young people, creating artists, visionaries, healers and spiritual leaders. But growing up in a modern culture that devalues and assaults their intuitive emotional gifts induces trauma and produces addicts instead.

Drugs and alcohol initially serve as effective coping strategies for traumatized people, allowing users to numb their familiar pain while exploring altered states of perception and unknown areas of the psyche. But substance abuse quickly becomes a habitual psycho-emotional escape, creating its own set of problems and exacerbating existing ones.

MedicineHeart seeks to create a new cosmology for the story of drug and alcohol dependency. We recognize that addiction builds character, however questionable: Addicts are hyperaware, resourceful, and deeply resilient. The healing process builds upon these skills and an acknowledgment of the courage it takes to confront the unconscious and embark on the journey to recovery.


“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”