Healing Rituals for addiction recovery

Healing rituals contain a symbolic link to the core beliefs of a culture, community, and spiritual tradition. They play a key role in a person’s integration to society, as well as the organic world.

When society’s cultural rituals lose their potency, the result is a disconnect from the physical and inner emotional worlds. For those especially susceptible, substance use offers a unique rite of passage and ritual culture as a substitute.

Humans seek and find comfort in rituals, whether healthy or not. The ritualization of alcohol consumption and drug culture makes substance recovery more complex. If the rituals of addiction are not replaced with a new system of ritualized action, one experiences anxiety. The individual is left without a sense of how to relate, act, and function in the world, greatly increasing the potential for relapse.

In order to provide a substance-dependent individual with a better chance of recovery, MedicineHeart seeks to replace addiction-related rituals with newly created, healthy ones. A successful recovery is far more likely through the use of a step-by-step program, which provides a solid framework for a ritualized recovery process.