Ibogaine Treatment For Addiction Recovery

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Ibogaine Treatment Logistics

Our treatment center is located in Rosarito, North Baja California, Mexico, 1 hour from San Diego International Airport.  The center includes 3 adjacent beachfront homes, equipped with a sauna and hot tub, located on a private beach with access to a beachfront restaurant.


Our treatment programs span 7 days. Treatment is provided to groups of 2-4 people at a time, and includes personalized counseling before and after Ibogaine is administered by experienced, certified medical and psychological professionals. All inclusive detox program with 3 months of follow up aftercare is $7,000 USD per patient.

Private treatment is available for an additional fee, please click the following button to discuss customized private treatment options.


Follow-up 4 day psycho-spiritual recovery medicine retreats are available for $4,500 USD.

Consultation, integration, and shamanic counseling sessions are available via Skype for an hourly rate of $150 USD.

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