Our Approach to Addiction Recovery

Medicine Heart Recovery

Medicine Heart’s approach synthesizes a single healing experience for each client through a combination of methods, including:

  • integral counseling;
    transpersonal liberation psychologies;
  • expanding states of being ;
  • customized post-treatment therapies; and
  • strategies and resources for ongoing self-care

Each journey, integration, and continuing care program is custom-built according to your individual needs. We draw from a stellar group of adjunct healing arts professionals, ensuring that our clients receive top-quality care from the foremost practitioners in the fields of ecstatic experience integration and spiritual crisis care.

The integration of expanded states of being as experienced on ibogaine or any other tool is informed by each client’s unique visionary journey.  We employ diverse practices engaging mind, body, and spirit from the perspectives of creativity, wisdom, and love.

The Medicine Heart recovery process involves:

  • Ancestral consciousness and multigenerational healing  
  • Archetypal cultural approaches to ceremony, ritual and initiation
  • Traditional wisdom and indigenous sciences
  • Dreams: Our pathway to the ancestors, the cosmological and the karmic
  • Alchemy and transmutation: The minerals we are made of have spiritual quality and can grow.
  • Morphogenic resonance: The unseen influences on our energetic field
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