Some say life is a process of remembering who we are. Our identity can begin with our full birth name. What is the etymology of our name? If we are named after someone, who and why? We are comprised of the union between our blood parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so forth. What are the names and stories of these relatives? In what ways are their stories ours? The way these people met and forged families together are all events that influence our identity. 

The foundational identity of our birthright is our blood lineage and the original lands our ancestors called home. Our identity can be found in the stories from these homelands and the stories of migration across the globe to our birth land. What is the history of the place we were born? What are the stories of the original inhabitants of that place? 

Many of our ancestors were driven from their lands by famine or conquest, creating a break in the bond with our primary caregiver, mother earth. The historical traumas that forced our ancestors from their home create a family wound that reveals itself in each generation. All people bear the burden of colonization and marginalization, experienced as internalized oppression. These wounds manifest as mood disorders, addiction, sexual abuse, violence, etc. 

Embracing our roots lets us stand in our strength.


We all inherit the emotional legacy of our lineage, including unexpressed pain. Family loyalty manifests in unconscious ways that require us to give up parts of ourselves. Unconscious inheritance from traumatic events in our family history creates a template for relationship and how we experience the world. The shadows of the family legacy can be reframed to account for the challenges and triumphs in ways that honor the love through our lineage.

Inquiry is the path to self-discovery. By asking self-reflective questions, we uncover subconscious processes, beliefs, and fears. Core language reveals core wounds, exposing core fears that may be reflected in the family tree.

Through concrete exercises, we begin to liberate the individual from being inundated, enmeshed, merged, or identified with family and wounds. Problematic relational dynamics will lose their potency.

A relational and energetic boundary is established, creating space for the self and none other. The room we have for ourselves increases our ability to be with others. The healthy space we consciously create with loved ones becomes a better way to honor the shared connection.

Through the wound we enter the heart to find our medicine.


Ritual is alchemy for the soul, serving as the bridge between the sacred and the profane. Adding intention to practice creates an environment where habitual becomes ritual. Calling attention to the present and consciously acknowledging the unseen is the practice. 

Spirit speaks through the language of the heart. Science shows that our heart sends far more information to the brain than the brain sends down to our emotional center. As practices deepen, the heart opens and our capacity to feel deepens. Ritual and ceremonies evoke utter vulnerability. Depths of emotional expression in a ritual container trigger ancestral wisdom in the very foundation of our psyche. These are the mechanisms to be activated for sustained transformation. 

As the heart opens, pain is released. Suppressing emotions blocks the flow of life-force through the heart, limiting our capacity to love. Our repressed pain and the unexpressed heartache of our recent ancestry further distort the flow of ancient wisdom through our lineage, our connection to source. As the pain is released, the heart now has far more room to receive and express love in vibrant ways.

Metaphor is the language of psyche. Information comes through the dreamtime and synchronicities, serving as a road map for integration. We acknowledge and make offerings of thanks for this guidance. We activate ancient wisdom in alchemical processes.

As above, so below.


The wounds we have as individuals are shared by the collective. It is imperative that we heal through community. Integration will include resourcing to create a network of people dedicated to wellness and living a balanced life. 

Fellowship is forged through creative outlets addressing the mind, body, and spirit. It is beneficial to pursue artistic mediums, educational endeavors, energetic activities, and spiritual aspirations in group settings. The group consciousness of people focused on a shared goal of self-growth supports our expanding momentum. 

Community serves as witness to our transformation, signaling to our psyche a successful shift is complete. We recognize a different quality of being. With initiation comes an obligation to take steps towards a truly just and balanced self, community, and civilization.