Fentanyl disguised as less powerful narcotics

Oxycodone and Percocet are two of the most popular opiate drugs out there in regards to prescription narcotics being abused. Both are highly addictive. New laws have made  physicians much more cautious in their  prescribing protocols making it difficult for people to acquire, forcing them to seek out other alternatives via “the street”, by buying diverted medication, or due to lower cost and availability , heroin. Both come with no guarantee, and quality varies greatly. People have no idea what they’re actually buying.

There is a powerful  narcotic Fentanyl, an opiod, that is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine that can easily be produced in clandestine backyard labs that people are disguising as a much less potent painkillers. Researchers have been working on a vaccine that would render the drug useless before it reaches the blood brain barrier, but that remains to be seen. If people are unaware that what they are actually taking is Fentanyl, rather than Percocet or Oxycodone, the results can be extremely dangerous and can lead to an overdose and death. Tennessee recently reported 24 cases where Oxycodone was actually Fentanyl and Cleveland has had 900. Recently in Los Angeles, the health department issued a health warning regarding numerous overdose deaths from Fentanyl disguised as Norco.

After reading this one might ask ,”if Fentanyl is more powerful,why would someone try to pass it off as a lesser narcotic ?”, the answers, price and people are much more apt to use what they are familiar with .Unfortunately, when they acquire these backyard pills, results can be fatal.

The country has been in an opiod epidemic for years, obviously the current paradigm is not working. We, at Medicine Heart Recovery, offer a non-traditional approach to addiction and rehabilitation by using ibogaine coupled with family constellation therapies and shamanic work to help heal the underlying causes of addiction allowing a person to respond, rather than react to conditioned patterns and triggers and free themselves from the slavery that comes with addiction.

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