Critical events and life crises can be a catalyst for transformation. Recovering from dis-ease and addiction is one of the most challenging yet creative opportunities people can face.  The impulse fueling our compulsions and consumption can be the same creative spark behind our passion and desire for recovery.  Focusing intentions and initiating relationships with life-force energy co-creates the recovery process.

Addictive behaviors have many causes, most rooted in epigentic and intergenerational trauma.  History has brought us from a world of cultures rich in family customs, which created and maintained healthy relationships, into a pace of life that fragments our relationships. This breakdown in culture has eroded our mechanisms for dispelling grief and integrating shadow, thus creating an internal schism.

Practices designed to restore balance and promote psycho-spiritual health and well-being must be reclaimed. Contacting a deep source of wisdom will make life more meaningful and fun. It is important that we recognize historical trauma as the main culprit behind the dynamics of addiction, and even mental illness, for the cycle of shame and blame of individuals and families to come to an end.