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Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine

Bufo Toad medicine is an ancestral medicine extracted from the Sonora desert toad (bufo alvarius) who lives underground and comes out only for a few months of the year during the rainy season. The Toad medicine contains 5meo-dmt, a compound also found in the human body and some plants, that is known for its mental, spiritual, psychological and physical benefits.

Benefits of the Bufo Toad medicine include: liberation of years of accumulated stress; dissolution of unconscious cellular memory that can provoke addictions compulsions psychosomatic diseases and suffering; dissolution of the ego; relief of pain; sense of general wellbeing. The use of 5meo-dmt does not become addictive.  It is used to break addictive patterns, attachments and compulsions.

A session with the toad can lasts between 15 to 45 minutes, during that time the participant can become free from the emotional luggage and stress accumulated for years. Some of the reported feelings and effects of the 5meo-dmt include: floating, dissolution of the body, body exploding into a million pieces, colors, lights, kaleidoscopic shapes, 3D figures, oneness, non-duality, love, freedom, ecstatic state of being.

The Bufo Toad medicine containing 5meo-dmt, also known as “The God Molecule”, is one of the most extraordinary tools available in nature. This fully customizable medicine helps individuals heal while bringing life balancing energies into the brain and body, raising the vibration of the entire planet.

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Ibogaine Treatment

Our World-class addiction recovery team is here to help you regain your life back. We welcome patients from all around the world and have local outreach programs in: San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Irvine, Riverside, San Francisco, Bay Area and Las Vegas. Please feel free to ask us any questions about our Ibogaine Treatment Program in Rosarito, Mexico.


  1. my friend Lisa Sunquist is now training to become a facilitator…I have a nephew, 32 years old who has been through two rehab programs (not yours) His uncle, my husband , and I live in costa rica…we brought him there to offer him a new life, but he got into drinking. His mother is dying..his father non existent. I would like to help him….would this program be helpful? sadly, the family has mostly given up and no one has much money to pay for another in-house rehab program. He is now back in San Diego…any suggestions?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Did your nephew end up doing the toad treatment? One of my brothers has done the treatment and my other brother is going this week. I think it would be worth your time to look into this option.

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