Psycho-Spiritual Path To
Addiction Recovery

Ibogaine treatment immediately removes up to 90% of withdrawal symptoms and is used as an addiction interrupter. We treat substance dependency by helping to form a new life vision before and during this addiction interruption. Our approach combines integral counseling and transpersonal psychology with ancestral wisdom and indigenous technologies to stimulate new understanding through expanded states of being.

Ibogaine Detox Treatment

Psychedelic Medicine Detox

Medicine Heart Recovery Rehabilitation Process

Ibogaine is shown to be extremely effective in the treatment of substance dependency disorders and the reduction of withdrawal symptoms. The bufo alvarius toad addresses the shame and trauma associated with addiction.

Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Treatment

Our 7-day Ibogaine Detox Treatment is provided to groups of 2-4 people at a time. It includes personalized coaching before and after ibogaine is administered by experienced, certified, medical professionals.
It has shown great benefit in treating various substance abuse conditions, particularly opiate use and the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. Ibogaine is also used to treat alcoholism, amphetamine, and cocaine addiction.

Bufo Toad Medicine

Bufo Toad medicine

Medicine Heart Recovery offers bufo toad medicine. Benefits include liberation of years of accumulated stress; dissolution of unconscious cellular memory that can provoke addictions compulsions psychosomatic diseases and suffering; dissolution of the ego; relief of pain; sense of general wellbeing. Bufo toad medicine is used to break addictive patterns, attachments and compulsions.

Shamanic Work

Ritual & Shamanic Work

Medicine Heart Recovery offers a shamanic ceremonial approach to addiction recovery that incorporates universal energy healing principles from different indigenous shamanic practices that restore the person’s own vital life force energy. This provides a healing that allows a person to feel uplifted, focused, restored, inspired, balanced and secure with who they are and the actions they need to take in their lives.

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Each journey, integration, and continuing care program is custom-built according to your individual needs. We draw from a stellar group of adjunct healing arts professionals, ensuring that our clients receive top-quality care from the foremost practitioners in the fields of ecstatic experience integration and spiritual crisis care.

1 People
Groups of 1-4 People at a time

Ibogaine Treatment Occurs on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of Every Month

Detox Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine Detox treatment & psychospritual retreats

  • Pre/post-care phone or skype session with a recovery coach
  • Private room, full bath 
  • All meals and medications
  • Medical and psychological evaluation
  • 24 hour access to therapist, health care professional, body/energy worker, jacuzzi, and sauna
  • Medically, psychologically, and ceremonially facilitated Ibogaine treatment
  • Individual and group integration
  • Bufo Alvarius Toad Medicine
  • Canupa ceremony included free of charge
  • Shamanic energy work may include: Personal Energy Field Cleansing, Energy Cord Detachment/Cutting and Retrieval, Extractions of Spiritual/Energetic Intrusions, Soul Retrieval, Chakra Alignment and Cleansing, Re-balancing and Illumination, Power Animal Retrieval and Tobacco Cleansing

Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico

ibogaine treatment center

Ibogaine is an entheogenic medicine occurring naturally in a variety of plants. It is a psychoactive alkaloid extracted from Tabernanthe Iboga and Vocanga Africana.

It has shown great benefit in treating various substance abuse conditions, particularly opiate use and the withdrawal symptoms associated with it. It is also used to treat alcoholism, amphetamine, and cocaine addiction.

Medicine Heart Path to

MEDICINE HEART RECOVERY : Ibogaine Treatment Center

Medicine Heart Recovery is located in Rosarito Mexico.


Your journey here will change everything you thought you knew about addiction, medicine, pharmacies, Doctors…and it goes on and on. Take another moment to thank yourself for saving your life. TRUST IN THIS MEDICINE, for it will give you just what you need. Prepare to have your brain rewired, reset, mind fu***ng BLOWN, a few times.

Tyler A.

For me it’s all about emotion. The emotion I have had pent up and numbed up for so long came pouring out. It still is. The change is only at the beginning. From now its up to only one person- ME.

Nikki G.

My ibogaine experience has transformed my life, my heart, and my soul in days. I can’t thank Mark and ibogaine and the toad enough! NOW LIFE BEGINS

Richard K.


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